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Plunge, S., & Piniewski, M. From test case to trusted tool: Lithuania’s evolving SWAT system for water and agricultural management.

2024 Scientific Review Engineering and Environmental Sciences

Dissertation „Climate Change And Agricultural Diffuse Water Pollution In Lithuania: Assessing Impact And Potential Abatement Strategies”

2024 Vytautas Magnus University

Plunge, S., Szabó, B., Strauch, M. Čerkasova, N., Schürz, Ch., Piniewski, M. SWAT + input data preparation in a scripted workflow: SWATprepR

2024 Environmental Sciences Europe

Plunge, S., Schürz, C., Čerkasova, N., Strauch, M., Piniewski, M., 2024. SWAT+ model setup verification tool: SWATdoctR

2024 Environmental Modelling & Software

Plunge, S., Gudas, M., Povilaitis, A., Piniewski, M., 2023. Evaluation of the costs of agricultural diffuse water pollution abatement in the context of Lithuania’s water protection goals and climate change

2023 Environmental Management

Plunge, S., Gudas, M., Povilaitis, A., 2022. Effectiveness of best management practices for non-point source agricultural water pollution control with changing climate – Lithuania’s case

2022 Agricultural Water Management

Plunge, S., Gudas, M., Povilaitis, A., 2022. Expected climate change impacts on surface water bodies in Lithuania

2022 Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology

Development of Modelling System Based on the SWAT model as a Tool for Water Management Institution

2013 International SWAT conference proceedings

Advanced decision support methods for solving diffuse water pollution problems

2011 master’s thesis Lund University, Sweden

Risk versus Costs: A New Approach for Assessment of Diffuse Water Pollution Abatement

2009 master’s thesis Chalmers University, Sweden

Lielupe River Basin Diffuse Pollution Modelling

2007 master’s thesis Vilnius University, Lithuania

Ekologinės rizikos vertinimas ir ,,AQUATOX’’ modelio panaudojimas Nevėžio upėje

2004 bakalauro studijos, Vilniaus universitetas, Lietuva

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